Thursday, November 12, 2015

Network and Interview in NYC, DC, Boston and LA this winter break!

The Career Center is pleased to announce Career and Internship Connections (CICs) 2016!

What are the Career and Internship Connections (CICs)?

CICs are career fair and interview days in NYC, DC, Boston, and Los Angeles held over the January break.  The events have a morning career fair and afternoon interviews (that you apply for AHEAD of time – by 11/30/15).

Why should I go?

Many of these employers will not be traveling to our campus, but will be happy to meet with you in their local city. These events are an excellent opportunity to network and interview face-to-face with prospective internship and full-time employers.


CIC events allows students to network and interview with companies in New York, Washington DC, Boston, Los Angeles! This is the 17th year of the consortium events (it includes 17 other schools). Last year's events boasted over 350+ employers and more than 500 job and internship postings!


Every year UR students:
  • Submit the most job applications
  • Get the most interview offers, and
  • Pick up the most add-on interviews at the events!

This is because not only are you great candidates, but our Career Center runs these events from employer registration through interview processing! Based on last year’s data, the BEST way to snag an interview is to apply by the November 30th deadline.

Student Registration Now Open!

Registering for the events early means you’ll get updated information on the events, employers attending, and jobs posted. You can also create search agents to send you postings in particular cities and/or fields, follow employers and events to get notifications and updates, and a host of other cool Handshake platform features.

You can register for the 2016 CICs by:

  1. Logging to Handshake ( Go to “Fairs” to Register for the CIC events
  2. Search job/internship postings right in Handshake by searching for “CIC”! (you can also narrow this down by event if you put in the event name ex: DC CIC) Jobs will continue to be posted until November 25th, so keep checking back
  3. You can also submit your resume to resume books by career field and event location, you’ll see these come up in your “CIC” search

Visit and click on the cities to get the lists of companies registered thus far. As always, the Career Center is ready to assist as you create resumes, navigate Handshake and prepare for CIC interviews.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Join our team as a PEER CAREER ADVISOR!

Click here to apply or search "Peer Career Advisor" in Handshake to locate the job posting.

Peer Career Advisors (PCAs) are trained and supervised student employees who provide career development assistance on a peer-to-peer level through the University of Rochester's Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center. They hold essential roles in the office and serve as liaisons between students and staff. Primary PCA responsibilities include:
  • Staffing drop-in hours advising students via resume and cover letter critiques, assisting students with our new Handshake system and other resources and supporting peers with the internship/research/job search process
  • Serving as Student Ambassadors representing the Career Center at events and programs such as Career Fairs, Employer Info Sessions, Alumni Networking Nights. PCAs are first impression managers who may periodically work our front desk and present to student groups and organizations through programming initiatives. 
Why become a Peer Career Advisor?
  • Assist fellow UR students and become part of the Career and Internship Center team!
  • Strengthen resume and cover letter writing, networking and interview talents and learn to market your degree
  • Have opportunities to network with career professionals and on-campus recruiters
  • Enhance valuable communication, active listening, presentation and leadership abilities
  • Gain in-depth career related knowledge and skills to enhance your own chances of securing internships and jobs!
  • Under new leadership, YOUR Career Center is undergoing an exciting transformation. Apply to be a Peer Career Advisor and be a part of that change for your University and your Career Center! 
Read about some of our current PCA's here!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Work on that Handshake of yours!

Get the most from your Handshake Account!

First, you have to login at (click current students, enter your netID and password) - Boom you're in. (if you're not in, shoot an email with your details to and we'll get you set up)

Update your profile right now. Get your major in there, your grad date, experience, student organizations, etc. The first time you login it's actually going to walk you right through all of this, so snag 10 minutes and get it done. You can also build your profile from a resume if you have one already created.

Do you have a preferred nickname or another name you go by? Put it into the Preferred Name field so your applications, name tags and more have the right name on them!

Once you have your profile all set, make sure to set your CAREER INTERESTS.
  1. When you're on your profile screen, in the upper right go to "Account" 
  2. In the mid-left column (under Account Information) select "Job Interests"
  3. Put in locations you'd be interested in working (including home, Rochester, and any place else that you'd consider relocating to)
  4. Check off some industries you're exploring or pursuing (these are the type of company you'd work for)
  5. Check off some job functions (this is what you'd do in your job or internship)

Heck yeah there's an app for that! Unfortunately it's currently only available for iOS, but an Android version is in the works! For iPhone and iPad users, it's available in the App Store by searching "Join Handshake" (make sure you get the app with the blue and yellow icon, not the orange one). Then you can check your appointment, events, and even apply for jobs on the go!

Want more? Get some HelpJuice!

Handshake has some pretty great articles on their HelpJuice site that will get you through everything from account set up to scheduling interviews! You can also always stop into the Career and Internship Center on the 4th Floor of Dewey Hall during drop-in hours, M-F 1-4pm!

Special Thanks to Alycia Abbott, Events and Recruiting Assistant, and Amber Graham, Associate Director, for their input on this post.

How Handshake is changing the game for your job or internship search!

If you've received an email, scheduled an appointment or attended an event at the Career and Internship Center this year, you've probably heard about "Handshake." But what the heck is it, and why should you be excited about it?

What is Handshake?
Handshake is a new generation of job and internship search software that the Career and Internship Center implemented this summer. Designed with student users in mind, it looks similar to Facebook, and has a whole host of cool features designed to make your career "stuff" easier to navigate.

Features include:
Logging in and Profile Building
  • Easy Login with your NetID and password - No more confusing extra accounts!
  • Student Profile Builder - When you build your profile, you can upload a resume and Handshake will autofill in your experience and other sections
  • Public Profile options - Set up a public profile so employers can find you! Also if you apply for a job, you want your profile to look solid so if an employer clicks on it, they'll see the information you WANT them to see. 
Events and Reminders
  • Event and appointment reminders - Automatically come to your email so you don't forget anything!
  • More Career Fairs! You can see on-campus Career Fairs, but also any public career fairs open to students in New York State!
  • Career and Internship Connection events are now integrated! These career fair + interview days in October (Engineering) and January (NYC, DC, Boston and LA) will show up right in your main Handshake account, and you manage RSVPs, applications and interviews all in one place.
Custom Newsfeed and Notifications
  • Machine learning - Like Facebook and Google, Handshake uses machine learning to constantly tailor your news feed to YOU! The more you use it to look at event, jobs, employers, etc the more the news feed will show stuff relevant to your interests!
  • You can follow interesting employers and get notifications when they post jobs or join events
  • Flexible notification preferences- You can turn on and off most notifications, and choose if you want them to push to your cell (see the mobile app info at the bottom), notify you right in Handshake, or send you an email. 
Access to other Online resources
  • Resource Library - Articles in this section include access to CareerShift, Vault, GoinGlobal and a host of other resources! 
Postings, Employer Information, and more!
  • We have nearly 2000 employers registered in Handshake, and they're posting an average of over 150 new jobs and internships a week!
  • Flexible search options -  Full-time, part-time, by job function, by industry, keywords or majors. More ways to narrow down your search than you can shake a stick at!
  • If an employer doesn't have a posting, you can still look them up, find company information, and sometimes event a contact to reach out to! 
Check it out by logging in today! You can also learn more about updating your profile in our next article!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Law School Night on 9/28

Don't miss your chance to speak with representatives from law schools across the country!

Join us
Monday, September 28th 
May Room, 4th Floor Wilson Commons
University of Rochester River Campus

To view the list of attending law schools, log into Handshake at

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Apply for Interviews at the ETCIC (Deadline Extended to 9/20!)

  5th Annual New York City ETCIC
Friday, October 9th
AMA Conference Center - 1601 Broadway (entrance on 48th St.), New York, NY

Looking for a job or internship in engineering, computer science or IT? Attend this special off-campus recruiting event in New York City this fall! The event format features both a career fair AND face-to-face interviews, with employers seeking candidates in a variety of disciplines, both undergraduate and graduate.

Full details at

Extended Deadline: Sunday, September 20th!

Step 1:     Log into Handshake at

Step 2:     Once logged in, be sure to fully complete your profile.

Step 3:     Upload your resume and any cover letters or transcripts you will use to apply to positions of interest. Click the “Profile” link in the left-hand navigation bar, then click “Documents” (upper right) and follow the instructions.

Step 4:     Search for and review job or internship postings. Click the “Jobs” link in the left-hand navigation bar and search by keyword “ETCIC.” Note that new jobs/internships will continue to be posted, so check back periodically!

Step 5:     Apply to EACH position of interest. Click the blue “Apply” button in the upper right. Choose your document(s) and make sure the button that says “Would you also like to apply for the interviews associated with this job?” is checked. Then click the green “Apply” button.

Step 6:     Your documents will be submitted to the employer(s) to review after the September 14th  deadline. **PLEASE NOTE** Interviews take place at the ETCIC event on October 9 in New York City. Please ONLY apply if you can attend the event!

Step 7:     You will be notified via email if you have been selected for an interview, and may sign up for an interview slot at that time.

A limited number of travel grants are available for undergraduate Hajim students who attend this event.

Questions? Email

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Welcome to Handshake!

At the Gwen M. Greene Career & Internship Center, we are always searching for innovative ways to provide the best experience to all of our students and employers. As a result of this mindset, we are excited to announce our transition to a new career management system beginning on Wednesday, July 1, 2015, powered by Handshake. The new system is a modern career services management platform that empowers you to efficiently connect with employers and search for jobs and internships to launch your career. 

Handshake is a modern and intuitive career platform that resembles many common social media websites.  Through social networking technology you will be able to quickly connect to classmates, career resources and events on the go and be connected to recruiters from around the country. 

Just by signing on to Handshake you will have already made some great steps towards finding your dream job or internship.  You can make yourself viewable to employers so that they can reach out to you directly and you can use the system to search for opportunities on your own.  You can also request an appointment with a UR Career Advisor, upload important documents like resumes, and check out upcoming events.  

Make sure to check back regularly over the next few months as our UR career community grows and the system gets into full swing!