Thursday, April 26, 2012

Alumni-Connected Internship Opportunities-Week of 4/26

Be sure to also check out the following alumni-connected internships that have been added to CareerLink over the past few weeks:

Gemma Redux: Fashion Sales, Production, Sourcing and Marketing Internships - ALUMNI Sponsored

New York State Office of Historic Preservation: Historic Resources / Survey Unit Intern - ALUMNI Sponsored

Optimax Systems: Manufacturing, Engineering and Business Internships - ALUMNI Sponsored

Markhoff & Mittman: Entrepreneurial Marketing of a Law Firm - ALUMNI Sponsored

Ipsiti: Computer Science/ Software Development Interns - ALUMNI Sponsored

Infinitas Capital: Finance Intern - ALUMNI Sponsored

Feldman Kieffer, LLP: Legal Intern - ALUMNI Sponsored

Center for Applied Strategic Learning, National Defense University: Strategic Gaming Center Intern -ALUMNI Sponsored

Monroe Village Justice Court - Orange County: Monroe Village Justice Court Summer Internship Program- ALUMNI Sponsored
Gretna Music: Arts Management Internship - ALUMNI Sponsored

United Nations Foundation, Energy Future Coalition: Energy Future Coalition Policy Intern - Alumni Sponsored 

Schlichter, Bogard & Denton, LLP: Legal Intern - ALUMNI Sponsored

Morrison Center: Nutrition, Business, Nursing Internship / Shadowing Experience - ALUMNI Sponsored

University of Connecticut, Balunas Lab: Medicinal Chemistry Lab Research Assistant

Providence Housing Development Corp: Non-Profit, Real Estate Development, Finance, Fundraising, Communications Intern - ALUMNI Sponsored

Mercy Community Services Outreach Center: Quality Self-Assessment of Volunteer-Based Health Care Delivery System Project - ALUMNI Sponsored
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): Optical Metrology and Alignment Internship and Project - ALUMNI Sponsored

Solution Nexus, LLC: Engineering / Technical Consulting Intern - ALUMNI Sponsored

Make-A-Wish Foundation Greater Bay Area: Program, Events, Development, Social Media Internships -

ALUMNI Sponsored

Noyes Mental Health Services: Community Mental Health Clinical Shadowing, Projects, Group Treatment -

ALUMNI Sponsored

National Public Radio (NPR): Various Internships: News, Music, Communications, Office of the General

Counsel - ALUMNI Sponsored

Scientia Advisors: Consulting Analyst Intern - Alumni Sponsored

West Marin Medical Center: Clinical Rotation Intern - Alumni Sponsored

Imagitas: Product Development and Management Internship / Shadowing Opportunity - ALUMNI Sponsored

Nurses Choice Medical Services: Clinical Rotation Intern - Alumni Sponsored

Pleasant Park Properties: Property Management Positions - ALUMNI Sponsored

Haven for Hope: Various Internships - ALUMNI Sponsored

Logical Images: Internships: Medicine, Medical Informatics, Publishing, Library Science - ALUMNI Sponsored

Brook Venture Partners: Private Equity / Venture Capital Summer Analyst - ALUMNI Sponsored

Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester: Internships: Non-Profit, Public Health, Psychology, Finance, Policy,

Advocacy - ALUMNI Sponsored

Xerox: Customer Research, Social Marketing, Business Plan Development Internships - ALUMNI Sponsored

Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center: Public Health and Healthcare Center Projects - ALUMNI SPONSORED

New York State Division of Human Rights: Legal Intern, Anti-Discrimination Law - ALUMNI Sponsored

ATK Aerospace Systems: Finance Intern - ALUMNI Sponsored

ATK Aerospace Systems: Engineering Interns - ALUMNI Sponsored

Pegasystems, Inc: Junior Applications Workflow Architect Intern - ALUMNI Sponsored

Organizing For America: Obama Organizing Fellow - ALUMNI Supported LLC: Marketing & Business Development Intern - ALUMNI Sponsored

Borderland, Inc.: Marketing, PR, Business, Research, Web Development Internships - ALUMNI Sponsored

Cayuga Community College: Community Engagement Intern - ALUMNI Sponsored

George Wingate: Art Shadowing & Project - ALUMNI Sponsored

Law Offices of Gerald Manioci: Legal Internship / Special Projects - ALUMNI Sponsored

Northwestern Mutual Financial Networks: Financial Representative Intern - ALUMNI Sponsored

Jewish Child Care Association: Quality Improvement Intern - ALUMNI Sponsored

American Social History Project / Center for Media & Learning: History, Social Studies Education and Digital Media Internships - ALUMNI Sponsored

Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America: Non-Profit, Advocacy, Membership, Camp, Program
Development Internships - ALUMNI Connected

Simon’s Public Relationships Group: Public Relations Intern- ALUMNI Connected

Luminus Devices, Inc: Marketing Intern- ALUMNI Sponsored

Ornery Literay Agency: Literary Agency Assistant Internship- ALUMNI Sponsored


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