Thursday, July 12, 2012

Talya Mallin, '14, Honing Communication Skills at JP Morgan Chase

Halfway through her 10-week internship at JP Morgan Chase, Talya Mallin has found her learning has gone beyond investment banking to lessons that will last a lifetime.

“One lesson I have learned is time management and to just go with the flow,” says Mallin, ’14, a Financial Economics major.

“There have been times when my manager gives me a project and a deadline, and then a day later will change the deadline. I then have to organize everything I am working on to make sure I can get the project done on time. “

She says she is honing her communications skills as well.  “Whether I am talking with professionals and managers in the office, or talking to the teams we support in Mumbai and London, communication is very important and very different from what I am used to in school.”

Mallin says she found her internship through CareerLink at the Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center.  She worked with counselors to improve her resume and coverletter before applying.

“After sending the resume and cover letter I got an email to set up two phone interviews. During this time, I came in to the career center to do a mock interview to make sure I was prepared,” Mallin says. “After my two phone interviews it was a waiting game, until they called back a few weeks later and offered me the position.”

Mallin says her orientation was both overwhelming and exciting. “The first day working with the team was really nerve-racking. Within the first two hours, they were already sending me emails with projects they wanted me to finish by the next day. I also had a lot of meetings and training sessions. We had an hour-long training session just about the acronyms that they use in the firm,” she says.

Working for the business management team, Mallin supports many teams within the investment bank. “Sometimes I do projects that apply my accounting knowledge, and sometimes I am creating PowerPoints for a team presentation,” she says.

“Because I am supporting so many teams within the investment bank, I am learning a lot about many different aspects of the bank. I hope to learn what I really enjoy, and don’t enjoy, doing,” she says.

Mallin says working with the other interns is one of the best parts of the job. “We are all around the same age, living in the same area and enjoy hanging out together outside of work.

“The most difficult part is balancing all the projects they give us,” she says. “And also, remembering that they call this internship a ten-week interview, and if I perform well, I could hopefully end up with a job with JP Morgan.”

Mallin will begin her junior year at the University of Rochester this fall, and says she is still somewhat undecided.  “I do hope to come back for another internship with JP Morgan next summer. After graduation I hope to get my MBA or CPA degree.”

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