Thursday, October 4, 2012

On-Campus Recruiting at the University of Rochester Career and Internship Center

by Michelle Werth, Assistant Director and Recruiting Coordinator for the Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center

On-campus recruiting is in full swing and will be busy through the end of October.  For up to date info on information sessions & on-campus interviews see our calendar.  

The Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center has multiple on-campus options we offer companies in order to respond to their individual and unique needs. During the Fall and Spring semesters, employers are invited to visit our campus for the annual Career and Internship fairs, conduct pre-screened and open interviews or to conduct an information session.

This year, the fall career and internship fair is being held on Wednesday, October 10 and the spring fair on Wednesday, February 13.  Several employers use this as an opportunity to stay the following day to schedule on-campus interviews where they can post jobs to pre-select qualified candidates and fill open interview slots while talking to prospective students at the fair.  Employers are able to interview both undergraduate and graduate students from all majors in the Colleges of Arts & Sciences and Engineering.

Several employers also request to host an information session or reserve a table in Wilson Commons to reach a larger mass of students.  Employers can request to teach a skill-based seminar and partner with a relevant student group to teach students a skill needed in their industry.  Employers also like to host traditional information session, giving them the ability to present information on their organization to students on-campus.

The Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center wants to help our students make the most of these opportunities. We offer pre-Career Fair seminars, help students ready their resumes in our library and through one-on-one appointments and offer mock-interview sessions to help students make the best possible impression. Our blog features advice on approaching the career fair--both from our counselors and from  corporate recruiters who will be attending our fair.

To read more about the opportunities we have regarding on-campus recruiting, please visit our website at

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