Tuesday, December 4, 2012

January Student-Alumni Networking Night Tips for Success

Together with the Office of Alumni Relations we are pleased to offer an opportunity for students to connect with alumni and parent "special advisors" after the CIC events over winter break.
Alumni and parents will freely share advice and information based on their own experiences.  Think of the event as research and don’t shy away from the event because you feel no one will be there that can “help” you.  Everyone has something to offer!
The reception is free, but registration is required. View attendance lists and register at the links below:
University Club of Boston
The Midtown Executive Club
Darlington House

·      For Boston and D.C. a large open reception room allows you to mix and mingle, light hors d'oeuvres and drinks are available.
·      For NYC the location is a larger room with designated tables/areas where industry alumni representatives stand/sit making it easier to find volunteers with similar interests; food and drink are available.
·      Dress to impress – suits are great but upscale business casual is appropriate (jackets/ties for guys; dress slacks/blouses for women, skirts that hit just above the knees – NO MINI SKIRTS).
·      When you arrive, check in and put on a nametag, pick up a program and an addendum (the addendum will contain the bios of volunteers that arrived after the program was printed).
·      Read over the program and addendum and identify who interests you.
·      Career Center Staff and Alumni Relations staff will be present to help identify those present and answer any questions about Networking.
·      Your nametag and the alums nametags will have colored dots signifying your career interests – this should help you find alumni participants in the room with your same interests.
·      Grab some food and move about the room seeking out conversations.
·      Introduce yourself: Name, Class year, Major.  Because the participants are not judging your qualifications they can advise and coach you.  Be yourself and be truthful – whether you have clear goals in mind or if you are confused about your next steps.
·      The best way to start and continue a conversation is to ask questions:
“What field do you currently work in?”
“How did you get started in that field?”
“What do you like best about your company/job?”
·      When you ask questions of another person, you show you are taking interest in that person which makes people feel good about themselves and encourages them to want to help you.
·      Ask for a business card and/or permission to follow up.

·      Follow up immediately with thank you emails
·      Act on suggestions that were given to you and let them know what you’ve done and what you have learned.  This could be the beginning of a wonderful professional advocacy relationship.

By attending the upcoming Student-Alumni Networking Nights you are taking steps toward your career goals.  Although you may be nervous, I’m confident you will be glad you invested the time in yourself!

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