Thursday, February 7, 2013

UR Students Succeed at winter break CIC's

Over winter break, hundreds of University of Rochester students participated in our Career and Internship Connections. These off-campus career fairs in Boston, NYC, DC and Los Angeles are led by the Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center staff, and include hundreds of employers along with students from 17 consortium schools. 

Overall, this year’s events included a higher number of interviews across all four cities, for a total of 949 interviews.  As in past years, University of Rochester students registered for, attended, and secured interviews at these events in disproportionately large numbers. When put up against their peers from schools including Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Washington University St. Louis, Boston College, Brandeis University, and others, UR students succeeded!

Interview Successes
·       University of Rochester students submitted the highest number of applications (993) as of the pre-select application deadline, for a total of 18% of applications.
·       They captured 22% (208) of interview slots.
·       37% of these interviews (77) were added the day of the event through student’s interactions with employers during the career fair portion of the event. UR students secured 25% of all add-on interviews (up from 18% in 2012)
The Career and Internship Center staff each year coaches UR students on how to utilize the career fair the morning of the event to talk with employers and ask about interview possibilities in person, resulting in a high number of added on interviews.

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