Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spotlight on Interns: Conor McNamara, '14 (KEY), Chem E

Conor will intern at SourceOne Inc, an energy management and consulting firm, this summer.  SourceOne is updating the cooling system and other energy projects at Grand Central Terminal in NYC and he hopes to work on that project part of the summer. We will check in with Conor this summer to see how its going. Here, he offers some tips for peers still looking for internships.

"(Last summer) I was working at Brookhaven National Laboratory in the Energy Management division and the group had contracted out engineers from SourceOne to do consulting work for them. I sat in on the original meeting between the two companies and two of the engineers from SourceOne offered me their business cards.

"When I was looking for an internship for this summer I contacted one of the engineers and he asked for my resume to forward on to the hiring manager. A few months later I was contacted about interviewing with the company and then was offered the position a few weeks later. 

"Look beyond job boards and postings," he tells his peers.  "Don't be afraid to send emails and contact people you have never met in companies you wish to work for, because everyone has been a student at one point in time and they know what it is like to look for jobs and internships.

"Use things like RCAN and Linkedin to reach out to Alumni in their interested career fields. In my experience, alumni are very interested in helping out by connecting students to people they know or by just giving you general advice," Conor says.

Make an appointment at the Career and Internship Center, 585-275-2366 for help connecting to alumni--or stop in the library anytime between 9 and 5. Counselors and Peer Career Advisers will help you find contacts and coach you in reaching out in a way that will get results.

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