Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spotlight on Interns: Practice Makes Perfect for Yuqing Guo, '13, ECE

Yuqing Guo, '13, ECE, will be interning at Oracle labs this summer, writing scripts that will automatically generate Verilog code.

"I sent applications to any internship position that seemed relevant to my field. I think I applied to 30 or so positions and got three interviews," Guo says.

"I messed up the first one  (with Saab Sensis), not expecting questions like "How would your friends describe you?" and not having very relevant inquiries to show interest in their company."

He worked on those issues, and when the second interview came along he landed the position.  "The offer was too sweet to refuse, so I accepted right away, withdrawing from the third interview before it happened," he says.

Guo worked with Career and Internship Center counselor Laura Godwin, and said she helped him find opportunities, write specialized letters of inquiry and cover letters and coached him through resulting correspondence. In addition to going to the career center for help he has a few tips from his recent experience with phone interviews to share with peers.

"It has helped me to have a wordpad open to remind me of things I was going to say or ask and to quickly type any important information coming from the other end. Reviewing the basics in your field might also help, since technical questions always seem to start there ("describe to me the difference between a linked list and an array" , "What is set up time in a flip flop?", etc)."

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