Friday, April 19, 2013

Upcoming Arts & Sciences Deadlines - Week of 4/19/13

Deadline April 20th

BSI Crowd Control- Rochester, NY
In 1984, Brass Smith Inc. began building traditional post and rope crowd control systems. In 1987, Brass Smith Inc. introduced the first American made retractable belt system, known as Beltway. In 2005, the owner of Brass Smith, Inc. decided to retire and divided the company into three distinct product lines. One product line went to a supplier, one to a competitor, and the crowd control line to an employee, Doug Aden. Doug then formed BSI-Crowd Control and encouraged those employees that contributed to its previous success to join him. We believe this rich history and experience, combined with the opportunity to focus solely on the crowd control market, positions us for excellent market growth. We generally market our products, Beltway posts and Traditional post and rope systems, along with their accessories, through the catalogs of the largest distribution and highest profile dealers in the country. We are pleased to have added many new dealers. Our commitment to personalized customer service and faster delivery times will remain our competitive advantage as we expand into new markets and opportunities.
Part-time Market Research Summer Intern
As an independent contractor, conducts research and obtains surveys to determine the feasibility of a new commercial market product/service offering. This includes researching and documenting potential prospects in targeted commercial market segments for a new product/service, personally contacting potential prospects to obtain survey responses, completing a log of potential prospect information and profile, and sending log sheets and surveys weekly to BSI Crowd Control.

Deadline April 22nd

Volunteers of America- Rochester, NY
Volunteers of America is one of the largest human service organizations, with more than 100 different programs. Volunteers of America is also one of the nation's most efficient charities, with 88 cents of every dollar spent going directly into programs and services. Our mission is to reach and uplift all people in need and do so by providing quality services that recognize individual dignity and meet the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs of our clients, staff, volunteers, and community.
Case Manager (Project Redirect)
The case manager works with homeless clients and their families to provide case management services during their participation in the program, and works collaboratively within the department to ensure that the client achieves their permanent housing goals. All interactions are conducted with in accordance with Agency guidelines and best practices in the social work field.
Family Services Provider
The Family Service Provider works with residents of our emergency family shelter and is responsible for minimizing the time homeless families spend in an emergency shelter by locating appropriate permanent housing. The family Service Provider works with families and utilizes necessary resources to help them transition and become stabilized in housing. All interactions are conducted with in accordance with Agency guidelines and best practices in the social work field.

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