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Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center Clarion Spring & Summer 2013


The Clarion

Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center                                                        Spring/Summer 2013

Class of 2013 Succeeds

Students from the class of 2013 are receiving job offers from around the world and being accepted into top graduate schools. Preliminary results of the 2013 Senior Survey (with 406 responses in) show about a third of senior class respondents have a full-time job, internship or service position lined up and about 35 percent have been accepted into graduate school. About 25 percent are waiting to hear about a job or internship and 6 percent have not yet begun their job search.


As success stories come in, we will share them on our blog. Check back to see if some of your students are profiled. More complete results and a list of employers and graduate schools our students are heading to will be posted on our blog as well.


 "While proud of how many students find jobs, internships, and enter graduate study post-commencement, we are more proud that faculty inspired so many to use the Center’s services,"  says Career and Internship Center Director Burt Nadler.


Statistically, we find seniors who graduate without solid plans say they just didn't have time to start the job search while finishing classes. "We continue to offer post- baccalaureate resources over the summer," says Nadler. "I hope faculty members and staff will continue to help us by referring students."


He says his staff will continue to meet with departmental faculty and staff to talk about how we can better work together to help recent graduates as well as remaining students.

Spotlight on Summer Interns


Our students are working in internships and on research projects around the world & the Career and Internship Digest is sharing their stories to inspire their peers. Please encourage any students working with you to contact Kerrie Merz to be featured.

Spotlight on Faculty Mentors


Todd D. Krauss, Professor of Chemistry and Optics at the University of Rochester, works closely with students researching in his lab.

Counselors Team With Faculty & Staff for Student Success


Throughout the 2012-2013 academic year, the Career and Internship Center has been reaching out to and working with a wide variety of academic departments, faculty and staff. This has included hosting open houses during the summer months, attending department hosted internship events, speaking in classes, meeting with undergraduate councils and advisers, and appointing department liaisons within our industry teams.

Looking forward to 2013-2014, the Career and Internship Center... (read more)


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