Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rimsha Khan, '13, Poli Sci, pursues her J.D. at SUNY Buffalo Law School

Rimsha Khan graduated this year with a bachelor's degree in Political Science. She is headed to SUNY Buffalo Law School for her J. D. 

Khan offers the following advice for her peers:

"While doing your own research during the application process it is beneficial to make use of the school's resources. Kellie Hernandez from the Career Center had been tremendously helpful and encouraging through my law school application process.
I also received the Berman Memorial Award through the Career Center as a graduating senior attending law school."

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Career & Internship Center on the Move. New photos 30 days out...

Sneak peak at the reception desk.
To the right of reception our Resource Counselor will be positioned to offer students immediate help.

To the right of reception our light-filled resource library.

Walls going in to counseling offices.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Naomi Ahsan, Public Interest/Public Service Scholar at American University's Washington College of Law

Naomi Ahsan graduated in May of 2012 with her bachelor's degree in Neuroscience and spent the past year working as a Research and Program Associate at the Center for Community Change. She is excited to begin American University’s Washington College of Law as a Public Interest/Public Service Scholar. Below she describes the steps she believes led to her success in the law school admissions process & offers tips to her peers.

I had a very high-quality experience at UR through my participation in undergraduate research and student activities. I was very inspired by research with Dr. Diane Morse of URMC Dept. of Psychiatry as she prepared to help open a transition clinic for formerly incarcerated women.

My Take Five Scholarship, with advisor Ted Brown, cultivated my ability to plan and execute on academic interests independently.

I  had great help from Kellie Hernandez at the Career and Internship Center...particularly as my background for law felt "non-traditional."

I would advise my peers to be willing to explore interests and think broadly about how they connect to long-term goals, and be creative about connecting the dots between diverse interests—don’t assume it’s not possible. Think about what made you successful at UR and consider how it can shape your post-UR life. Take advantage of the resources that UR offers through the Career Center! Don’t miss opportunities to lead.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Zach Cicero, '14, Business, Finds Alumni-Connected Opportunity at First American Equipment Finance

Zach Cicero, '14, Business, is interning at First American Equipment Finance this summer.

First American offers equipment financing to companies, hospitals, schools, and more. I am a sales intern in the enterprise business division. Our department's focus is leasing IT equipment to companies around the nation. We do lease out other equipment as well, often to manufacturing firms. 

One of my main projects has been updating the Salesforce UCC's, which basically lists our potential customers financing/leasing activities in the past years. This is so our sales reps are able to see which companies do finance equipment and also helps them get a feel of the interests of CFO's and treasurers of multiple prospects. I have also done research on many companies financial statements to see if they are credible to do financing. Looking at companies profitability, Net Income, and leverage and updating them into our SalesForce system helps our sales reps get leads.

The internship search process was very stressful and seemed like it took forever. I applied to at least 30 internships from the end of fall all throughout the winter and spring. 
I had a few interviews with companies such as M&T Bank and Excellus Blue Cross but I did not get either. I think it was the end of April I saw a posting on the UR CareerLink website from First American Equipment Finance. I saw that it was not only located in the Rochester area, it was also alumni-sponsored so I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity. 
I ended up getting the offer after an on-campus interview and a few more interviews in the office. First American has been great so far and I am so thankful for this opportunity. My advice would to be proactive with companies and reach out as much as possible. Also, to not give up in the search process. I wanted to give up after getting so many denials but I stuck with it and ended up getting a great internship. Big shout-out to Dale Leyburn, he was so hopeful in helping with my resume, interview tips, and reminding me to not giving up throughout the process

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Akshay Rao, Electrical & Computer Engineering, leverages LinkedIn to receive multiple job offers

Akshay Rao graduated with his master’s degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. He joins the audio giant Bose Corporation this summer as a full-time Audio DSP software engineer in their car audio division. He worked with Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center Counselor Laura Godwin this year, and is happy to share what he learned with his peers.

 Being pro-active is the key, “ he says. “On LinkedIn, I started following companies I was interested in, looking at profiles of its employees and finding more companies in the same field from looking at their former employers. Once I found out a company’s name, I would scour its websites for openings I was interested in and apply online.

“Instead of just applying on and waiting for a response, I would actively seek out connections in my network to find people in those companies to speak to them over the phone or over emails,” he says.

Rao says he also made sure his resume would be seen. “I used LinkedIn extensively to connect with young employees in similar positions to ask them about their projects, satisfaction and ways I could make my resume stand out. Usually a few of them would offer to forward my resume to a hiring manager,” he says.

He made the most of LinkedIn by ensuring his profile ( contained most of the keywords that recruiters look for. “For example for my field, experience in speech enhancement is a big plus, so I would have keywords like ‘Speech Processing’, ‘Speech Enhancement’, and ‘Noise Reduction’ interspersed on my LinkedIn profile and resume. I did this by making sure I was using one of variants in the title of a project/work, but and another one in its description.

“Many recruiters from big and small companies contacted me on LinkedIn, including Skype and Apple. I received a full-time offer from Apple but did not materialize.

Rao’s proactive search led to multiple job offers, which Godwin helped him negotiate. “The career center helped me out by giving me tips on how to extend my acceptance deadline with the other company and request an expedited decision from Bose. Laura was very quick and helpful through our email correspondences.”

Additional tips Rao offers to his peers:

  • I capitalized on my prior work experience. I have found that getting a job as a fresh college grad is very difficult if one does not have prior industry experience. I urge all the freshman, sophomores and juniors to do useful internships and keep a track of what kind of technical experiences/projects the industry is looking for currently.
  • For my success at getting an offer from Bose, I also attribute my passion towards audio and music combined with the experiences I had gathered from other interviews prior to my interview with Bose. I realized that it was very important for me to able to convey my passion, just as it is important to convey my technical abilities in the interview.

Rao holds an undergraduate engineering degree from India in Information Technology and worked in the industry (in India) for three years as a software engineer. He came to the University of Rochester in 2011 for a Master's in the Electrical and Computer Engineering; concentrating on Acoustics and Audio Signal Processing (Audio DSP). During his master's he worked in Carney Lab (URMC) on algorithms for future hearing devices and interned last summer at Starkey Hearing Research Center in Berkeley, CA.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gregory Fox, Political Science Grad, Lands Full-Time Staff Writer Position

Gregory Fox graduated cum laude with a BA in Political Science. As an undergraduate Fox held internships with the political grassroots organization No Labels, which is dedicated to ending partisan gridlock in Congress. 

He then interned at the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle,  publishing profiles of small businesses and innovative Rochestarians. He also volunteered as a news reporter for the Campus Times.

“About a week before graduation, I successfully landed a job as a full-time staff writer at my hometown's newspaper, The Dunkirk Observer. The position had opened up in February, and I applied as soon as I had heard about it.

Internships helped me out immensely in landing my new job in the field I have always wanted to work in, even before I started college.

If you truly want to live your dream, not only do you need to work hard in school, but you need to get real-world experience. Get your foot in the door whenever possible, network with people to build up powerful references, and take advantage of any opportunity that is given to you, like I did when I decided to intern in DC for an entire semester.

I'm from a very small town of less than 3,000 people, so I was apprehensive about going there at first. However, I realized this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I overcame my fear and decided to go for the program there.

Having a good online presence also helped. I maintained a professional LinkedIn account and resume and created a professional Twitter account displaying my love for journalism. Having a good family support system helped boost myself up, as well, whenever I had doubts or second guesses. I am now working in my dream field and doing what I love as a full-fledged job now. I couldn't be happier."

Twitter: @GFoxNews

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Career & Internship Center on the Move!

Construction is well underway for your brand-new Career and Internship Center! We open this fall on the fourth floor of Dewey Hall. Here is a sneak peak of the new space:

Walking in the entrance, reception to the right, library to the left.

So much natural light in our new library!

Library from the other end-can't wait to see this space filled with students working with resource counselors!
Painting the offices.
Recruiting rooms & counselor offices.
Our huge new conference room. Now when 50 students show up for a "Getting Started" seminar we will have room!
Michelle loves our orange walls!