Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Why you should be paying attention to the CICs – Reality Check

So here’s the deal. The University of Rochester is in Rochester, NY. For those of our students interested in interning or starting their careers in Western NY, that’s great. You can contact employers, set up interview, come to our on-campus career fair and other regional events, and conduct your job search locally.

But for those who want to pursue careers, internships, and industries outside of the area, including major metros like New York, Boston, DC and Los Angeles, you’re gonna need to get off campus. Major employers that you are interested in no longer need to travel to campuses to attract talent. So they’re not going to come visit you here on campus. They have plenty of applicants getting in touch through their website, events local to their offices, and through long standing relationships with their own local colleges and universities.

So how can you do a job or internship search if you’re just another faceless candidate applying through a website? How can you get face to face with the employers you want, in the city or area you want to work in? How can you get interviews in distant cities when you have limited time to travel during the academic year?

THAT is why you should pay attention to the CICs. 15 years ago, Career and Internship Center Director Burt Nadler came to the UR with the idea of running off-campus career/interview events, bringing the students TO the employers (a pretty revolutionary concept in 1998). And that idea has now been adopted by many other schools and campuses around the country as a NECESSARY part of the job search.

There are 17 schools in the CIC consortium, including major players like Johns Hopkins, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Notre Dame, and USC. But the staff at the UR Career and Internship Center run 100% of the events. We know the employers well, we understand the positions they have and what they’re looking for, and we pass that information on to our students. UR students typically take around 22% of the interviews at the events, a disproportionally large share.

The events are held during winter break specifically so you don’t have to miss classes to attend. You might be home on break, or you may decide to travel for the events (lots of people do). It really comes down to where do you want to be this summer or after graduation.

And the employers are honestly amazing. You’re not going to see NBCUniversal, AIG, Scholastic, Miramax, or the Federal Reserve Bank doing interviews on our campus. But you will see them at the CICs.

Want in? You have until Monday December 2nd to register online, and apply for interviews. That gives you all of Thanksgiving break to polish your resume and cover letters, and do your research on the employers. Make sure you come in this week or early next week to the Career and Internship Center to chat with someone on staff (walk-in hours from 10-4 weekdays).

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Amber Graham is an Associate Director at the Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center, and manages the CIC Consortium


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