Thursday, January 30, 2014


Monday, February 3rd, 5:00 pm, Gowen Room, Wilson Commons
Dr. Louis Kuchnir, MD, PhD, President of the Massachusetts Academy of Dermatology will be giving a lecture, sponsored by the Charles Drew Pre-Health Society, for those students interested in a career in healthcare. His topics will include the “Joy of Clinical Medicine,” and an “Introduction to Allopathy,” as well as “My Path to Becoming a Doctor,” and “Gap Year Program in Dermatology.” Food will be available. Please visit for more information on Dr. Kuchnir and his practice.

"The Joy of Clinical Medicine"
Back when doctors were among the wealthiest Americans, they could have retired early, but instead they tended to work until their own health failed.  Lately, clinical medicine is cast as an unrewarding profession.  Observers point to how “jackpot justice” is causing a malpractice crisis while cost-savings programs developed by managed care bureaucracies are blamed for destabilizing the doctor-patient relationship.  I’ll try to inspire those of you interested in becoming clinicians by explaining how the rewards of medical practice are so enormous that they outweigh the indignities that dominate the headlines.  In the end, modern doctors are still blessed with the same rewards as our predecessors, while technology expands our potential even beyond their dreams.
"Introduction to Allopathy:  The unique philosophy of non-alternative medicine."
Allopathic medicine, is taught by the medical schools that award M.D. degrees.  At its base is the philosophy that medical therapy should be based on science.  In this moderated discussion, we'll explore both the strengths and quirks of conventional medicine, based on its foundation in the scientific method including peer review, controlled experimentation, and underpinnings in human biology.  We'll also discuss how allopathic philosophy creates an antipathy toward euthanasia, prescribing placebo, integrating alternative therapies, etc.  Finally, we'll consider the development of the standardized undergraduate pre-medical core curriculum and extra-curriculars as prerequisites for studying medicine in an allopathic school.

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