Thursday, April 24, 2014

Nate Vernon, Research Assistant at the International Monetary Fund

After graduating in May of 2014, Nate will be working with the International Monetary Fund as a Research Assistant. He will be part of the Fiscal Affairs department and work with 25 economists and one other recent college graduate to give advice to the IMF's member countries regarding their public policy and investment decisions. Nate's position will focus on natural resource investments and their taxation while assisting economists with their research.

Know What You Want and Take the Steps to Pursue it: 


Being offered this job started with working hard in my college classes. This allowed me to fulfill the IMF's GPA requirement (and also learn a lot at the University of Rochester). I think this is important because it leaves more options open to you when you start your job search.

The summer following my junior year, I was a research assistant for a public policy professor at Duke University. The professor offered to help me find a job and put me in touch with the IMF, but, firstly, it was important for me to find out what I wanted to do.

I met with a Career Center counselor and the conversation really helped me focus on the types of companies to target during my search. Additionally, I participated in a mock interview which taught me a lot about how to handle myself and the appropriate things to say during job interviews.

I went through a lot of rejections before I was offered the job from the IMF, and it was really stressful, but staying with the process was definitely worth it!

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