Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sarah Teitelman, '16, and The Quest to Find a Summer Internship

 Sarah, majoring in English &  International Relations,  will be spending her summer in New York City as an intern at Media Connect, one of the top public relations firms in the country.


I started my summer internship search in November. I know that sounds super early but some summer job applications that I applied to had to be done by January 1st, so I had to get started early! 

Before I began my search, however, I had to have a plan of attack. I made an excel spreadsheet with a list of all the companies I wanted to apply to. On the spreadsheet, I also had a link to the internship info, if the company had an application or not, when the application was due, and when I submitted the application. This was a great way to keep myself organized and not be stressed out over if I applied to an internship or not.

The next thing I focused on was figuring out where I wanted to work. I am an English and International Relations Double Major, and this summer I wanted to work in the Entertainment Industry in New York City. I made an appointment at the career center (which I HIGHLY recommend doing) and made a game plan of where I was going to apply. 

My first plan was to apply to the big companies and then work my way down. I also used websites such as,, and to find internship postings. Setting up email alerts on these websites are really helpful, so I wouldn’t miss any internship postings and I would get them all in my inbox. You can also change the settings on the search engine to where you want to work, what industry, etc. so you can see all different postings in various places across the country.

While it definitely was hard work, I got offered an internship at Media Connect PR firm in NYC in March and I am thrilled. My one piece of advice for people looking for an internship is to START EARLY. The summer internship field is very competitive and so many people are all vying for the same position. The earlier you start, the better off you will be; trust me.

I am really excited to have the opportunity to work at one of the top PR firms in the country this summer in one of the greatest cities in the work. I can’t wait to get hands on experience and learn more about Public Relations!

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