Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Senior Success Stories: Gregory Dimock, off to Duke University for Master of Engineering Management

"This fall I will be attending Duke University for a Master of Engineering Management. The program combines core courses of a typical MBA program with your personal choice of engineering electives. The program involves 2-3 semesters of classes and seminars as well as a required summer internship.
Gregory Dimock
UR's freedom in class scheduling truly made this achievement possible for me, and its open-schedule format is one of the primary reasons I came to Rochester in the first place. I was equally interested in pursuing math, economics, business, and engineering. At the end of my sophomore year I actually declared a double major in financial economics and applied mathematics before changing that to a mechanical engineering major in my junior year, which I accompanied with minors in economics, math, and business. I was able to complete everything in four years and graduate on time, only having to overload a couple semesters. Naturally then, the masters program at Duke became very attractive to me because it combined all of my interests.
Rather than stating the typical “pursue what your most passionate about,”  I think better advice would be to explore anything that interests you because you have all the time in world. Naturally, if you explore a wide range of interests, you will find your niche. I started all over the map as a freshman, then started drifting towards finance before changing course and pursuing engineering, and now I pursuing a combination of engineering and management.  
Explore outside of the classroom too. Involve yourself in as many groups as you can, and meet the most people you can. You never know what person may give you that piece of advice that just clicks with you or even opens a door for you."

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