Monday, October 27, 2014

Make "Career and Internship Connections" During Winter Break

In the coming weeks, you'll be receiving information on the "Career and Internship Connections," which are job and interview fairs held in several locations across the country during University of Rochester's winter break. These events are run completely by the staff of the Gwen M. Greene Career and Internship Center, and were created 14 years ago specifically for UR students. While there are 17 other schools participating in the events, UR students every year submit the most applications, receive the most interview offers, and fill the most day-of interview slots.

The Career and Internship Connections include employers and postings for both full-time positions as well as volunteer and internship opportunities! (List of employers by major/career field coming soon.)

Career and Internship Connections take place in New York City (January 6th), Washington DC (January 7th), Los Angeles (January 8th), and Boston (January 9th). There is a morning career fair style "Open Forum" and scheduled interviews in the afternoon. You can be selected for interviews by applying to specific employers and positions by the December 1st deadline, or by speaking with the employer during the morning open forum (if they have any remaining interview slots).

Some commonly asked questions:

  1. Why should I go? Many companies use events such as these to meet candidates instead of on-campus efforts. You will get to meet face-to-face with an actual recruiter at the event, which helps you avoid the online application black hole.
  2. How do I get there? Travel arrangements and expenses are up to the student, but the events are scheduled during break to give you time to travel if necessary, or attend an event close to home. 
  3. What industries/companies are represented? All majors are encouraged to register. The CICs bring companies from fields including:
    • Communications & publishing
    • Marketing & PR
    • Law, government, and international NGOs
    • Banking, financial services and insurance
    • Business and consulting
    • Education & nonprofit
    • Environment and Sustainability
    • Media & entertainment
    • Health and human services
Have more questions? Check the FAQs page!

Because these events are run by the Career and Internship Center staff, we are very aware of the employers and students participating in the events, and are happy to answer questions. Make sure to ask you counselor, or stop by the office to learn more. Also, check out our Quick Guide to CIC resumes and cover letters.

Register here with password CIC2015.

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