Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Walk-In Resources at the Career Center

Hours: Monday through Friday 10am-4pm

Open to all students in all majors!

The Gwen M Greene Career and Internship Center is open to walk-ins for students 10am-4pm daily. Receive assistance on getting started in career & major exploration and your career and internship search.

  • A Professional Resource Counselor and Peer Career Advisers staff the library each week to ensure career related questions and concerns can be answered on a daily basis 
  • Numerous handouts, books, document examples, fax machines, and computers are all available for your career related job and internship search 
  •  From resume writing, cover letter editing, interview questions and networking strategies, the library staff is here to help!

Meet your Professional Resource Counselor

David Cota-Buckhout
As a front-line staff member when students enter the office, David’s Resource Counselor role allows him to serve all students with a wide variety of majors and career fields during walk-ins in the Resource Library. From goal articulation to resume and cover letter critiquing, he answers questions from freshmen unsure about their future career path as well as from seniors and graduate students desiring to clarify their goals, prepare for next steps and make concise documentation for networking. In addition to walk-ins, David works with students at workshops offered at the center. While he is a “generalist counselor,” David is also a member of two career specialty teams: the Engineering and Applied Sciences team and the Banking, Finance and Consulting team.

Prior to his time at the University of Rochester, David received his MS in Counselor Education with a College Counseling emphasis at The College at Brockport in 2013, completing an internship that year at Monroe Community College’s Career and Transfer Center. He has also worked as a Practicum Counselor at The College at Brockport’s Counseling Center, Student Assistant at Cornell University where he received his BS in Development Sociology, and Career Peer Advisor at MCC’s Career and Transfer Center.

Meet your Newest Peer Career Advisers (PCA's)

PCA's from left to right: Daniel Sontoyo, Sam Silber, Melissa Holko, Wes Orth, Eugenia Zeng, Wesline Manuelpillai, and Shelby Strasser. Click on a name to learn more!

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