Thursday, March 19, 2015

Health Care Group Management Training Program

For graduating seniors, the Patient Care Management Trainee program is an exciting and innovative Full-Time Rotational Program with three potential rotations.  1st:  gap-year program in dermatology, working alongside ten future physicians and in support of our nine physicians, 2nd:  directing patient care coordination as a site manager in one of our five care units, and providing managerial support for the gap-year program, and 3rd:  managing patient care operations with our leadership team.  You'll gain experience in each of our core competencies:  Dermatologic Patient Care, Medical Education, Health Care Systems Relations, Managed Care Accounts Payable, Medical Research and Innovation, and Practice Management.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to learn every facet of our operations as you develop leadership skills that will serve you the rest of your career.  Related graduate study is expected, which may lead to an MPH, MBA, or MHA degree.  The program also positions you for Manager opportunities at the completion of the program. This program is not for students interested in attending medical school, but rather students interested in investing in learning about middle management in the healthcare field. If you are interested in health care delivery, and getting hands-on professional experience, this program will prepare you.

To be considered for the program, here are some of the requirements we look for: 
  • Current seniors who will earn a Bachelor's degree in May 2015
  • An undergraduate degree from a highly respected university and will continue to develop strong existing relationships to recruit candidates from their alma matter
  • Maintaining an excellent and consistent academic record.
  • A commitment to helping others with consistency in Compassion, Intelligence, and Error-Avoidance.
  • Have strong communication, analytical, organizational, and interpersonal skills.
  • Must be able to relocate to East Central Massachusetts.
  • Derive satisfaction and Open to working in patient care environments.
  • We accept applications to the Patient Care Management Program during both Fall and Spring semesters.  

The application deadline is March 31, 2015. To apply, please mail or email a cover letter and resume directly to Dr. Kuchnir at:

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