Thursday, March 5, 2015

Post-Spring Break Seminars

Career and Internship Center Workshops are quick 1 hour long (30 minutes instruction, 30 minutes Q&A) sessions taught by Greene Center staff. Their goal is to deliver information in a group setting, allowing for more targeted advice during your future one-on-one appointments with a counselor. Whether you are a freshman just getting started, a senior looking for job opportunities, or anywhere in between, these sessions are a great starting point. Please check the online schedule at for the most up-to-date times. All workshops are held in the Career and Internship Center at 4-200 Dewey Hall.

What Can I Do With This Major?
Wonder where your major choice might lead you? Come to this quick 45-minutes workshop to get started looking for answers! We’ll show you some online resources available for making connections between academic majors and the world of work, and answer basic questions about getting started. It’s a great opportunity to weigh your options, learn about typical career paths, and get connected with the Career and Internship Center. Perfect for sophomores about to declare their majors, as well as anyone looking to connect their studies to the “real world.”

3/16 @ 2pm
3/31 @ 2pm
  4/8 @ 4pm
3/17 @ 4pm
  4/2 @ 4pm
4/14 @ 4pm
3/23 @ 4pm
  4/6 @ 2pm
4/15 @ 4pm
3/26 @ 2pm

Resume, Cover Letter, Networking Note Workshop
Offers insights required to create targeted resumes, cover letters, and networking notes that focus on academic, experiential, co-curricular and project based evidence you are qualified for field, function, and firm goals. Be prepared to create drafts ready to be critiqued by one of our counseling professionals or Peer Career Advisors. 

3/17 @ 2pm
3/26 @ 4pm
4/10 @ 2pm
3/20 @ 4pm
3/30 @ 6pm
4/15 @ 2pm
3/23 @ 2pm
  3/31 @ 4pm
4/20 @ 4pm
3/25 @ 4pm
   4/6 @ 6pm
4/22 @ 6pm


Internship and Research Strategies Workshop
Outlines steps to clarify and express goals; then attain academic year or summer internships, research experience, or admissions to special programs. Strategies associated with Ten Steps and Five P's (postings, places, people, programs and projects) will be presented and online and other resources for goal exploration, network, and locating postings and programs detailed.

3/16 @ 6pm
3/26 @ 6pm
  4/16 @ 4pm  
3/19 @ 4pm
  4/2 @ 2pm

3/24 @ 2pm
4/6 @ 4pm  

Teaches pre-interview preparation and post-interview implementation; worksheet, use your resume and cover letter during the interview, the power of role-play interviews, and how to follow up.

3/18 @ 6pm
3/27 @ 2pm  
4/17 @ 2pm
3/24 @ 6pm
  4/7 @ 6pm

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