Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How Handshake is changing the game for your job or internship search!

If you've received an email, scheduled an appointment or attended an event at the Career and Internship Center this year, you've probably heard about "Handshake." But what the heck is it, and why should you be excited about it?

What is Handshake?
Handshake is a new generation of job and internship search software that the Career and Internship Center implemented this summer. Designed with student users in mind, it looks similar to Facebook, and has a whole host of cool features designed to make your career "stuff" easier to navigate.

Features include:
Logging in and Profile Building
  • Easy Login with your NetID and password - No more confusing extra accounts!
  • Student Profile Builder - When you build your profile, you can upload a resume and Handshake will autofill in your experience and other sections
  • Public Profile options - Set up a public profile so employers can find you! Also if you apply for a job, you want your profile to look solid so if an employer clicks on it, they'll see the information you WANT them to see. 
Events and Reminders
  • Event and appointment reminders - Automatically come to your email so you don't forget anything!
  • More Career Fairs! You can see on-campus Career Fairs, but also any public career fairs open to students in New York State!
  • Career and Internship Connection events are now integrated! These career fair + interview days in October (Engineering) and January (NYC, DC, Boston and LA) will show up right in your main Handshake account, and you manage RSVPs, applications and interviews all in one place.
Custom Newsfeed and Notifications
  • Machine learning - Like Facebook and Google, Handshake uses machine learning to constantly tailor your news feed to YOU! The more you use it to look at event, jobs, employers, etc the more the news feed will show stuff relevant to your interests!
  • You can follow interesting employers and get notifications when they post jobs or join events
  • Flexible notification preferences- You can turn on and off most notifications, and choose if you want them to push to your cell (see the mobile app info at the bottom), notify you right in Handshake, or send you an email. 
Access to other Online resources
  • Resource Library - Articles in this section include access to CareerShift, Vault, GoinGlobal and a host of other resources! 
Postings, Employer Information, and more!
  • We have nearly 2000 employers registered in Handshake, and they're posting an average of over 150 new jobs and internships a week!
  • Flexible search options -  Full-time, part-time, by job function, by industry, keywords or majors. More ways to narrow down your search than you can shake a stick at!
  • If an employer doesn't have a posting, you can still look them up, find company information, and sometimes event a contact to reach out to! 
Check it out by logging in today! You can also learn more about updating your profile in our next article!

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