Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Work on that Handshake of yours!

Get the most from your Handshake Account!

First, you have to login at http://rochester.joinhandshake.com (click current students, enter your netID and password) - Boom you're in. (if you're not in, shoot an email with your details to amber.graham@rochester.edu and we'll get you set up)

Update your profile right now. Get your major in there, your grad date, experience, student organizations, etc. The first time you login it's actually going to walk you right through all of this, so snag 10 minutes and get it done. You can also build your profile from a resume if you have one already created.

Do you have a preferred nickname or another name you go by? Put it into the Preferred Name field so your applications, name tags and more have the right name on them!

Once you have your profile all set, make sure to set your CAREER INTERESTS.
  1. When you're on your profile screen, in the upper right go to "Account" 
  2. In the mid-left column (under Account Information) select "Job Interests"
  3. Put in locations you'd be interested in working (including home, Rochester, and any place else that you'd consider relocating to)
  4. Check off some industries you're exploring or pursuing (these are the type of company you'd work for)
  5. Check off some job functions (this is what you'd do in your job or internship)

Heck yeah there's an app for that! Unfortunately it's currently only available for iOS, but an Android version is in the works! For iPhone and iPad users, it's available in the App Store by searching "Join Handshake" (make sure you get the app with the blue and yellow icon, not the orange one). Then you can check your appointment, events, and even apply for jobs on the go!

Want more? Get some HelpJuice!

Handshake has some pretty great articles on their HelpJuice site that will get you through everything from account set up to scheduling interviews! You can also always stop into the Career and Internship Center on the 4th Floor of Dewey Hall during drop-in hours, M-F 1-4pm!

Special Thanks to Alycia Abbott, Events and Recruiting Assistant, and Amber Graham, Associate Director, for their input on this post.

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